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Cindy Stibbard, BA, BEd, CDC, CDS, CHCC, ABA

Lead Coach
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Contact information

Bentall II
555 Burrard St

Vancouver, BC V7X 1M8

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Simon Fraser University (Bachelor of Arts in Psychology 1998)

Simon Fraser University (Post Baccalaureate Bachelor of Education in Educational Psychology, Learning Differences & International Studies 1999)

Simon Fraser University (Professional Development Program for Educators 1999)

Justice Institute of BC (Family Mediation and Impact of Divorce on Children Courses 2020)

CDC Certified Divorce Coach Intensive Training (2019)

CDS Certified Divorce Specialist (2021)

Brene Brown Dare To Lead Certification (2021)


After 26 years in the field of Education and 12 years as a stay-at-home mom, it was my own divorce at the beginning of 2018 that propelled me to pursue a new career and direction in my life. My personal experience of divorce inspired me and made me passionate about supporting others emotionally, mentally, and financially. I became well-versed in how to help, support, and guide others away from making painful, expensive, and emotionally damaging mistakes that divorce can bring.


As a Certified Divorce, Career & Transition Coach, and as a Certified Divorce Specialist, I consider myself a specialist in “Domestic Reorganization’. I help individuals navigate thoughtfully and successfully through one of the most challenging times in their lives. Divorce is life-altering and my work helps those going through it gain a sense of control at a particularly raw time when they feel their life is coming apart at the seams. 


I am the quarterback of the process, filling the grey space between therapy and the law, teaching individuals how to think rationally, creatively, and productively as they consider all of their options, prepare for mediation and complete their settlement agreement with the intention of focusing on attaining the outcome that is right for them and their family. 


I work to help find my clients the best divorce professionals for them from lawyers to real estate agents, to mortgage brokers, to financial advisors, to parenting experts. With all that's at stake, those who are about to separate need an advocate who will look out for their short and long-term interests as well as empower them throughout the process and prepare them for their new path ahead. 


I help my clients identify their wants and needs and assist them in navigating the turbulent waters of the divorce process down a channel that allows them to live their new life -- on their own terms!

Service Areas

Contemplating Separation or Divorce

Navigating the Landscape of Divorce

Guidance through the Process

Emotion Coaching

Communication Strategies

Co-Parenting Support

Preparing for a New Chapter

ReDefining Life After Divorce

Getting Back in the WorkForce

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