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Changing the Experience of Divorce

Professionally guided divorce and transition coaching for a BETTER divorce and a BRIGHT new future ahead!

How I can Help!

guided support

I work with each of you to ensure we keep you and your spouse accountable to a process that works.  


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The utmost professionalism and empathy…

 Cindy Stibbard really put things in perspective for me through my journey of divorce.  From my first consultation, she dealt with my situation with the utmost professionalism and empathy towards being a single dad and the needs I have through this divorce.  She created an awareness that had me more organized, thinking

M.S.MBusinessman / Athlete / Father

I can’t imagine an better person to be by your side.

Cindy's education, personal experience and transparency have made her the BEST resource for the challenges of divorce.  She has learned, overcome and is dedicated to help others through their challenges.  I can't imagine an better person to be by your side.

C.W.President / Entrepreneur / Mother

Cindy is skillful, thoughtful and focused…

Quite simply, Cindy is able to provide a strong compassionate helping hand when it is needed most. Cindy is skillful, thoughtful and focused.

Ian Burroughs,
Kerfoot Burroughs LLP, Vancouver

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