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Designated professional mediators working with you to help you achieve your very own Fresh Start

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A detailed analysis of your current situation to understand what you need, so we can give you the agreement you want

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From Mediators to Financial Planners, we have built the team to answer all of the questions you need the answers to

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Creating a healthy work environment where conflict is managed so you can focus on profitability



Assessing, evaluating and analyzing your assets and liabilities to give you the best advice, and best solutions for your unique situation


fort mcmurray roster

Don Schapira

Lead Mediator
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After his own divorce in 2008, Don Schapira, Q.Med, CDFA, experienced the pitfalls of the traditional divorce process.  With his deep financial background and dedication to ensuring the best financial models to ensure your Fresh Start, Don will work with you to provide the information you need to make financial decisions during this transition.

Nancy Payne
Family Mediator
Nancy 4.jpg

My path to Mediation began as a niggle, like the pea, in Princess and the Pea. I was working corporate oil and gas making a great salary but there was something that just wouldn’t let me settle. I had waited until the sun, moon and stars aligned ie. my daughter finished university, living arrangements changed, etc.; approximately 3 years in the making to transition into a field that would feed my heart & soul and allow to me to start giving back; to work for my own dream instead of someone else’s.

Liz Borger
Q.Med, MBA
Corporate Mediator
Liz new.jpg

I love mediating. I enjoy the “shift” and clients recognizing the other party’s perspective. The experience I had with my divorce was ideal and I want others to have a good experience moving on with their lives. That’s why I joined Fresh Start. It aligns with my values to help couples move toward an amicable separation for their Fresh Start.

Jesse Richards
Divorce Financial Analyst
Jesse new.jpg

He has a background in accounting and customer service. These skills in finance, a long side those of his wife Andrea, allows them uniquely positioned to help navigate and meet the needs of their clients. Having siblings which have gone through divorce and the outcomes thereof, he desires to help avoid the same pitfalls they experienced.  

Fresh Start Mediation’s values align with what Jesse wants to accomplish in his career as a CDFA. He enjoys helping others work through issues and make decisions which will benefit them into the future.

Andrea Richards
Andrea 1.jpg

I chose to become a part of Fresh Start Mediation because I have seen how difficult divorce can be in the lives of those I care about. The traditional method of divorce did not end up leaving some of them in a very good position financially while their ex-partner was left in a better one. They simply did not have all the information that they needed to make better choices in their divorce process. This made me want to make a difference by helping others not make the same mistakes. I work with my husband who has a financial background which balances out the legal and people based background I have.

Kairistie Walker Q.Med
Kairistie new.jpg

Whether it is relationships involving love, career, family, friends, or business, she believes in an inclusive, wholistic approach.  Her facilitation of understanding, active listening, and an underlying goal of building bridges through trust is an exercise in living a healthy, just life.

8308 fraser ave, fort mcmurray, ab

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