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"They DESERVE what you do! You tell 'em I said that." 

  - Dr. Phillip C, McGraw

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meet lisa

Lisa McCallum is a Divorce Specialist and the author of the book “Your Dreams First... The Divorce Within Yourself.” She is the authority on helping people move forward after divorce.

Through her courses, coaching and speaking she will show you how to put yourself first so you can have the freedom to live your life the way you want after divorce.

Her courses, 5 Lessons to Putting Yourself First, 5 Lessons on Divorcing Well, and 6 Lessons on Being Exceptional After Divorce first will provide the tools for you to know how to make yourself a priority, let go of relationships that aren’t serving you, create the best relationship with your kids, yourself and future partners. You will have confidence in yourself.

Lisa has interviewed Dr.Phil at the Mega Success Event hosted by JT Foxx in LA where Dr.Phil said, “ people not only need Lisa’s help but DESERVE her help.”



How to begin the process

5 Lessons to Putting Yourself First



accepting the changes during

5 Lessons on Divorcing Well




What happens after divorce

6 Lessons of Being Exceptional After DIvorce

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Are you sick and tired of not getting what you want? This is your year to finally make your vision, dreams and goals a reality. This course will touch on 5 important lessons on helping you put yourself first.

Lisa's lessons include: 

Lesson 1: How to take radical self responsibility 

Lesson 2: How to stop feeling alone 

Lesson 3: Being resilient and asking for support 

Lesson 4: Listen to your intuition

Lesson 5: Treat yourself   

Lisa will show you how to delve  into what you want, put your needs first,  let go of the old story and quit blaming. Lisa will help you to find the support you need and how to honour yourself.

Fresh Thoughts

Lisa will help you learn how take responsibility for yourself, let go of your story, find the people that support your decision and let go of those who don’t. Lisa will discuss why your desires, needs and sex is important. She will help you overcome the loneliness, learn to self care and focus on yourself.

Lisa's five lessons on divorce include: 

Lesson 1: Own your reason for leaving

Lesson 2: The truth about sex

Lesson 3: Avoiding the divorce plague

Lesson 4: Overcoming loneliness

Lesson 5: Following your intuition.

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Being Exceptional After Divorce requires that you welcome the best decision you could ever make for yourself with open arms. This is the course for anyone who is feeling alone and worried about their future. You will gain the confidence and have closer relationships that will help you move forward into the life you deserve.

Lisa's 6 lessons of being Exceptional include:

Lesson 1: This all about you and loving you

Lesson 2: There is something more than just you to connect to

Lesson 3: Connecting to other people

Lesson 4: Your new relationship

Lesson 5: Relationships with Friends

Lesson 6: This is about legacy

lisa's 30 day challenge

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